Digital Envoy Teams Up With The Development Data Partnership To Provide High-Quality Data For International Development

Digital Envoy Continues “Data for Impact” Initiative to Help Non-profit and Research-based Organizations Address Global Issues

NEW YORK, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Digital Envoy, the pioneer of IP intelligence and high-quality consent-based location data, today announced a partnership with the World Bank’s Development Data Partnership program. The program fosters a relationship between international organizations and companies to facilitate third-party data in research and international development.

“Providing clean and usable data to organizations focused on public good is important to Digital Envoy. The Development Data Partnership’s emphasis on responsible data use made the organization an obvious choice for our team,” said Digital Envoy President Jerrod Stoller. “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership shortly after the launch of the Digital Envoy ‘Data for Impact’ program, which leverages location data and provides affordable resources to non-profit and research-based organizations.”

To date, Digital Envoy has already been sourced for over a dozen projects ranging from the impact of human movement on infectious diseases around the world to generating evidence for road safety precautions based on mobility data. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Envoy data contributed to a Development Data Partnership effort that supported various response programs for emerging economies worldwide. Facing the challenge of movement restrictions and their negative impact on communities, the data was essential for global leaders to understand which policies had the most and least effective impacts. Government planning committees were provided with a better picture of their populations, frequency of movement, distance of movement relative to home, daily commuting patterns, inter-district flows and social mixing.

“Collaborations with companies like Digital Envoy are critical as we explore how to responsibly and effectively leverage location data in international development projects,” said Holly Krambeck, a Development Data Partnership founder. “We are excited by the initial projects coming out of the collaboration and are looking forward to translating these successes into better-informed public sector decision making.”

Through its recent acquisition of Outlogic, a consent-based location data provider, Digital Envoy and its Digital Element business unit are committed to helping the world navigate complex issues and humanitarian efforts through the power of high-quality privacy-conscious location data. Data such as this has already been pivotal for the Development Data Partnership to monitor population movement and support COVID-19 response programs.

About Digital Envoy:

In 1999, Digital Envoy introduced the concept of privacy-sensitive IP-based geolocation and IP intelligence. This technology allows businesses from ad networks to publishers, websites, retailers and more to harness the power of location and new intelligence about connected users for many mission-critical applications. Digital Envoy has three business units that address the unique needs of customers: Digital Element, which provides global geolocation data and services that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online and mobile initiatives; Digital Resolve, which delivers solutions that proactively secure online accounts, information, transactions and interactions from login to logout and Outlogic, which allows companies in retail, real estate and financial markets to develop disruptive tools built on a foundation of quality location data. Landmark Media Enterprises is the majority owner of Digital Envoy. Visit for more information.

About Development Data Partnership:

The Development Data Partnership is a collaboration between international organizations and technology companies, facilitating the efficient and responsible use of third-party data in international development.