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December 18, 2000
Digital Envoy Offers Solution to Potential Legal Issues of Global E-business

December 11, 2000
24/7 Media Selects Digital Envoy to Further Enhance Its Global, Real-Time Geo-Targeting Advertising Capabilities

October 9, 2000
EyeWonder and Digital Envoy Announce Co-Development Agreement

Septmeber 18, 2000
Digital Envoy and Siemens Form Strategic Alliance For Advanced Worldwide Geo-Targeting Solutions

August 2, 2000
Digital Envoy Announces Strategic Alliance with Digital Island to Deliver Personalized, Accurate, Geo-Targeted Web Content to Internet Users Worldwide

April 10, 2000
Digital Envoy to Supply With Next-Generation Geo-Targeting Capability

April 9, 2000
Digital Envoy Alliance With Melbourne IT Gives Global Boost To Innovative Internet Marketing and eCommerce Technology; Hoping to Avoid 'Cookies' Controversy, Australian Firm Embraces NetAcuity As the Emerging Standard for Non-Invasive Web Tracking and Customer Service Activities

March 7, 2000
"Cookies" Crumble as Digital Envoy Acquires $1.2 Million for Development Of Non-Invasive Internet Targeting Technology; Raising Stakes in the Internet Privacy Standards War, the Newly Formed Company Seeks to Revolutionize Web Tracking and Customer Service Activities

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