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Anti-Phishing Solution Boosts the Power of ScamBlocker Technology

Atlanta – Digital Envoy, the leading provider of transparent, risk-based authentication solutions, today announced that EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK), the nation’s next generation Internet service provider, has selected Digital Envoy’s E-Scam anti-phishing solution to provide additional protection against phishing attacks for ScamBlocker™. 

E-Scam is a consumer-focused anti-phishing tool that financial service organizations, ISPs and other large enterprises use to protect their customers in real time. E-Scam utilizes Digital Envoy’s patented IP Intelligence technology - which uncovers information about online users such as location, domain name, and connection speed, based solely on IP addresses – and a rules-based engine to make real-time decisions about the risk associated with a given e-mail, such as the true location of the mail server and the validity of embedded URLs.

E-Scam will allow EarthLink customers to make more informed decisions about the risk associated with sites to which they are navigating by providing a real-time risk score and detailed geographical information about the website. ScamBlocker is the ISP’s protection feature that warns users about accessing known or suspected fraudulent URLs that mimic legitimate Web sites and are intent on stealing personal information.

“EarthLink is committed to providing people with the best anti-phishing protection solution available while they enjoy the Internet,” said Matt Cobb, vice president of core applications at EarthLink.  “Digital Envoy’s E-Scam product further enhances ScamBlocker’s ability to quickly analyze fraudulent phisher sites and alert consumers before they make a mistake of accessing fraudulent Web sites.”

“Unlike other phishing services available today, which provide information to decrease the time of a phishing attack and are more reactive in nature, E-Scam is a solution offering real-time protection from phishing without relying on blacklists or other after-the-fact data sources,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president of corporate development for Digital Envoy.  “E-Scam does what a phishing solution should: it provides consumers with the tools and information necessary to authenticate Web sites or e-mails in real time, eliminating the need for end users to have any interaction with malicious Web sites.”

In addition to its E-Scam anti-phishing solution, Digital Envoy offers financial service organizations a transparent, risk-based authentication solution that acts as the first line of defense against online fraud by taking a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention and helping financial services organizations to authenticate Internet users in real-time.  Already in deployment by some of the world’s largest banks, Fraud Analyst is emerging as a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy front-line solution for online fraud prevention.

About Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy's patented NetAcuity is the leading IP Intelligence solution and is used across a number of industry verticals by some of the world's largest networks, Web sites and search engines for ad targeting, Web analytics and local search optimization. As the industry leader in IP Intelligence, Digital Envoy is also leveraging its position to deliver online identity verification solutions that prevent fraud in real time. The company's Fraud Analyst and E-Scam products serve as a first line of defense against online identity fraud by providing the newest advances in transparent, multi-factor authentication. Digital Envoy's technology non-invasively removes the anonymity barriers unique to the Internet and helps leading financial services institutions, Internet Service Providers and other large enterprises with vested Internet interests protect their brand reputations while increasing consumer confidence in the online channel. For more information, visit

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