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Company Brings IP Intelligence Technology to Forefront in Fight Against Email Fraud


ATLANTA - Feb. 8, 2005 - Digital Envoy, the leading provider of IP Intelligence solutions, today announced that it has become a Corporate Sponsor of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), an industry association focused on eliminating identity theft and fraud related to email scams known as phishing.

According to the APWG, there were more than 9,000 unique phishing emails in December, representing an average month-over-month growth rate of 38 percent since July 2004. And, not only are the number of attacks on the rise, but they are also becoming more sophisticated, malicious and opportunistic, putting consumers and businesses at even greater risk.

"The Anti-Phishing Working Group is proud and honored to have Digital Envoy as a new sponsoring member," said Peter Cassidy, secretary general of the Anti-Phishing Working Group. "The company's success with leveraging the information contained in IP addresses for forensic intelligence and the real-time prevention of attacks can help give us all new insight about how the Internet anonymity cloud can be instrumented and understood. We all look forward to working with the company to thwart and finally arrest the phishing threat."

"As these online scammers continue to become increasingly more sophisticated, it's imperative that companies pool their resources to combat this global problem and eliminate the anonymity the Internet affords these cyber thieves," said Bill Calpin, president and CEO of Digital Envoy. "We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the IP universe with the consortium of industry leaders represented by the APWG in order to combat both current varieties and future mutations of email fraud that negatively impact the global channel of Internet communications."

Digital Envoy has leveraged its patented IP Intelligence technology - which non-invasively collects information about an IP address such as location, domain name and ISP - to address the growing need for a first line of defense in the fight against online identity fraud. Digital Envoy's IP Inspector E-scam, unlike other anti-phishing products currently on the market, is a real-time solution that financial services organizations, ISPs and other large enterprises can use to protect their customer bases against unwelcomed phishing attacks. IP Inspector E-scam utilizes the intelligence found in IP addresses to uncover such information as the location of the e-mail sender and server, as well as to validate whether URLs embedded in the body of the email are actually from the company purportedly requesting the information.

About the Anti-Phishing Working Group

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is an industry association focused on eliminating the identity theft and fraud that result from the growing problem of phishing and email spoofing. The organization provides a forum to discuss phishing issues, define the scope of the phishing problem in terms of hard and soft costs, and share information and best practices for eliminating the problem. Where appropriate, the APWG will also look to share this information with law enforcement. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, online retailers, ISPs, the law enforcement community, and solutions providers. There are currently over 706 member organizations participating in the APWG and more than 1100 members. Note that because phishing attacks and email fraud are sensitive subjects for many organizations that do business online, the APWG has a policy of maintaining confidentiality of member organizations. The Web site of the APWG is It serves as a public and industry resource for information about the problem of phishing and email fraud, including identification and promotion of pragmatic technical solutions that can provide immediate protection and benefits against phishing attacks.

About Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy's NetAcuity is the leading IP Intelligence solution and is used across a number of industry verticals by some of the world's largest networks, Web sites and enterprises including AOL, Microsoft, Cable & Wireless, Ask Jeeves, Walt Disney Internet Group, DoubleClick, InfoSpace, Symantec, Network Associates, Digital River, and many others. The company's patented and patent-pending technology provides new intelligence about an IP address such as location, connection speed and domain name, enabling a deeper understanding of the online universe. For more information on IP Intelligence and its various applications, visit

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