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Digital Envoy's IP-Based Intelligence Sparks Fireclick's Web Analytics Solution
Netflame Service Adds Geo-Tracking Down to a City Level for Internet Retailers


ATLANTA (March 12, 2003) - Digital Envoy, the leading provider of IP-based intelligence technology, today announced that its NetAcuity geo-intelligence technology has been successfully incorporated into Fireclick's Netflame Enterprise to fuel geo-tracking capabilities for online marketers.

Fireclick, provider of the Netflame hosted application service, a comprehensive Web analytics solution, tapped NetAcuity's IP-mapping technology to pinpoint the geographical location of Web site visitors. Data culled includes real-time and historical information on visitors' country, region and city origins. This information provides valuable geo-reporting capabilities that give insight into where customers are based.

"In order for us to make Netflame the most comprehensive Web analytics package on the market, we needed to partner with an industry-leading company such as Digital Envoy that could deliver the most reliable and accurate intelligence for our geo-tracking features," Ram Srinivasan, Fireclick's president and CEO, said. "This capability allows Fireclick to provide e-business professionals with immediate, actionable information that will produce happier customers, sustained loyalty and - bottom line - increased sales."

The geo-tracking feature helps multi-channel retailers generate sales even in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. For example, large retailers can implement geographically appropriate promotions based on the demographics of Web site visitors. A solid understanding of the location of Web site visitors and customers can even help merchandisers decide on where their next store should be located or where to increase catalog mailings.

"Fireclick's application of NetAcuity in its geo-tracking feature truly showcases the technology's versatility," Dave Keller, Digital Envoy's president and CEO, said. "The combination of both geo-targeting and geo-analytical components in one technology allows Digital Envoy to address the growing needs of e-business customers."

RadioShack (NYSE: RSH), Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, Oriental Trading Company, and CafePress are just a few of the latest name-brand and specialty retailers to implement Netflame Enterprise to improve customers' Web experience.

IP-based intelligence, with a 99+ percent accuracy at a country level and 94+ percent at a city level worldwide, represents a new generation of online technology designed to improve the delivery of Internet content that is easy to integrate and deploy - in less than an hour - and can be used as either a standalone solution or integrated as part of an enterprise or networking application.

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Digital Envoy is the leading provider of IP Intelligence technologies. Leading enterprises, networks, and Web sites including AOL Time Warner, AT&T, Cable and Wireless,, Google, McAfee, Microsoft, Omniture and Verisign utilize our technologies to more effectively target, control and analyze the way in which they deliver content to their online audiences. For more information please visit

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Funded by Cisco Systems, Atlas Venture and Menlo Ventures, Fireclick provides Web experience management solutions that enable online businesses to improve overall operating results. By providing e-businesses with real-time actionable information about their customers, as well as resolving the inherent "last mile" slowness associated with the Web, Fireclick's flagship offering, the Netflame&tm; application service, helps create richer and faster Web site experiences. Online businesses are rewarded with more site traffic, longer sessions, increased revenues and greater profits. Visit them at

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