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Mirror Image Intelligently Pinpoints Geographies with New GeoData Offering
Leverages Digital Envoy's Geo-Intelligence Technology to Provide Content Customization through Geographic Data Retrieval


Woburn, Mass. - Tue, February 4, 2003 -- Mirror Image? Internet, a leading provider of managed content delivery and e-Commerce services, and a subsidiary of Xcelera Inc. (AMEX: XLA), today unveiled GeoData, an intelligent geographical data solution. Through its partnership with Digital Envoy Inc., the industry?s most accurate and reliable provider of IP-based intelligence technologies, Mirror Image has incorporated advanced geo-intelligent technology into its patented Content Access Point? (CAP) network to provide customers a non-intrusive method of gaining geographical data about how users access the Internet.

Mirror Image's GeoData solution offers customers a new way to organize, view and analyze user data based on parameters such as location, connection speed and Internet Service Provider. By supplying a comprehensive understanding of users? geo-data, this service leverages the CAP network to help customers deliver customized content, personalized promotions and targeted advertising, and control the distribution of digital media assets without additional infrastructure or maintenance expenses.

"Arriving on the heels of our recent e-Commerce and streaming product advancements, our new geo- intelligence functionality will enable customers to leverage the power of the Internet to more effectively reach their primary audiences," said Bob Hammond, Chief Technology Officer of Mirror Image Internet. "By implementing our GeoData service, clients benefit from a variety of applications like Web analytics, targeted advertising and fraud detection, while ensuring compliance with federal and international online sales and privacy regulations."

"Our technology enables content delivery providers, like Mirror Image, to improve content selection and provide new value to those customers who seek to geographically control their content access and delivery," said Dave Keller, CEO of Digital Envoy. "We consider Mirror Image an industry leader, and we're confident that the GeoData solution, which taps into our innovative technology, will make them a clear choice for any business with a Web presence."

About GeoData

As an integrated part of Mirror Image?s CAP network, the GeoData solution leverages leading geo-intelligent technology from partner Digital Envoy to identify the location and connection speeds of IP-enabled devices down to the city level worldwide - without invading user privacy. With content target accuracy rates of 99% at the country level and 94+% at the city level, this technology empowers customers to reliably serve content in the following ways:

  1. Content Distribution: Control access and content delivery to comply with assigned rights.
  2. e-Commerce: Target content to meet specific user needs.
  3. Digital Rights Management: Control access and content delivery to comply with contractual obligations.
  4. Streaming Media: Locally target national and international events to comply with syndication rights.
  5. Fraud Detection: Authenticate user information to prohibit unauthorized transactions.
  6. Globalization: Automatically provide international visitors with localized (language and currency) Web sites.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: Grant or deny access to comply with local laws and regulations that govern certain products and services, such as online gaming.
  8. Advertising: Serve locally relevant advertisements and promotions.
  9. Marketing Analysis: Effectively correlate offline and online marketing efforts and measure results in real time.

Mirror Image upholds the highest privacy standards by utilizing IP addresses to create a dynamic map of Internet connectivity without using any personally identifiable, or user supplied, information. Privacy invasive techniques such as cookies or online registration forms are never used, and non-intrusive data-gathering processes guarantee 100% user anonymity and privacy.

About Mirror Image Internet

Mirror Image Internet, a leading provider of managed content delivery, e-Commerce and Web services, increases the speed, performance and reliability of content, application and transaction delivery. With an enterprise-class infrastructure that combines an optimal mix of connectivity, processing power and storage, Mirror Image helps organizations efficiently serve users by utilizing the power of the Web to increase revenue opportunities, reduce infrastructure costs and improve customer satisfaction. Principally owned by Xcelera Inc. (AMEX: XLA), Mirror Image serves Global 2000 enterprises, service and hosting providers, publishers and e-businesses worldwide through its corporate headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts. For additional information, please visit

About Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy is the leading provider of IP-based intelligence technologies, developed to improve the delivery of Internet content. Digital Envoy is able to offer the most accurate and reliable technologies on the market through patent-pending methods that automatically and non-invasively identify the location of IP-enabled devices down to a city level worldwide. Some of the world?s largest networks, Web sites and enterprises including AOL Time Warner, AT&T, Cable & Wireless,, eBay, Google, Microsoft and Verisign use these technologies to more effectively reach their Internet audiences. For more information on how IP-based intelligence technologies can maximize the value of current enterprise or networking applications, visit