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TIAN and Digital Envoy Partner to Optimize Interactions Based on User Need and Location
Integrated Offering Will Improve Business Performance for Service Providers and Enterprises by Targeting Relevant Content


DENVER, COLORADO - September 3, 2002 - TIAN Software Company, Inc., a leading provider of Opportunity Optimization™ services for improving enterprise performance by reacting to every interaction across channels, today announced a partnership with Digital Envoy, the leading provider of geo-intelligence solutions. The partnership combines TIAN's Opportunity Optimization services with Digital Envoy's geo-targeting capabilities, which non-invasively identify the location of website visitors down to the city level worldwide. The resulting offering enables enterprises to optimize opportunities with employees, suppliers, and partners by presenting them with the content or information that best meets their needs and location.

By combining geo-targeting capabilities with Opportunity Optimization services, TIAN and Digital Envoy offer service providers and enterprises the ability to understand user intent and respond with information relevant to the context and location of the request, ensuring that users receive the most appropriate content available. For example, sales people can be provided information relevant to their territory; online customers can be shown local products and promotions; and advertisers can present targeted banners. Both companies will offer fully integrated versions of the combined solutions.

"We are excited to offer our current and prospective customers industry-leading Opportunity Optimization services in combination with our industry-leading geo-location technology," said Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Digital Envoy. "TIAN's solutions are an ideal complement to our current offering, and will enable our customer base an effective way to act on the location of users by dynamically presenting the most relevant content or information available."

"Understanding how location affects user needs is a key step in allowing enterprises to maximize every interaction with their online visitors," said Jack Stoddard, Vice President of Business Development, TIAN Software. "By partnering, TIAN and Digital Envoy are able to enhance the value of geo-location services by allowing enterprises to quickly respond to user needs with the most relevant content available."

TIAN's award-winning Opportunity Optimization services dynamically factor in device, behavior - and now location - along with other variables of context to enable enterprises to improve performance by presenting each customer, supplier, or employee the information they need regardless of which channel they are employing. TIAN's solutions leverage web services standards to deploy quickly and seamlessly as a layer on top of existing infrastructures, are privacy-neutral, and require no cookies or custom coding.

About Digital Envoy

As the leader in geographic Internet intelligence, Digital Envoy provides easy-to-integrate technology that identifies the location and modem connection speed of Internet users down to the city level worldwide, enabling solution providers to enhance the value of their existing enterprise and public infrastructure applications with new targeting and analytical functionality. Digital Envoy's customers include some of the largest networks, solutions providers and Web sites on the Internet such as AOL Time Warner, Cable & Wireless, Siemens, Google, Abbott Labs, Network Associates,, and Avenue A. For more information, visit

About TIAN Software Company, Inc

TIAN Software Company, Inc. is a Denver, Colorado-based company delivering Web Services that enable enterprises to improve performance by optimizing every interaction across channels. TIAN's suite of applications understand user context, react accordingly to optimize each user experience, and finally, measure the efficiency of each interaction. TIAN customers include SEARS, Pharmacia, and U.S. Search. For more information, call 303 894.0600 or visit the company's web site at

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