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Digital Envoy Announces NetAcuity 3.0 Geo-Intelligence Solution; Flexible Data Modules Offer Increased Targeting Depth
New Version Allows Enterprises to Enhance Geo-Targeting Through Add-On Data Modules Including Domain Name, SIC Code and Demographics


Atlanta - Digital Envoy, the leading provider of geographically intelligent Internet solutions, today announced the availability of its NetAcuity™ 3.0 geo-location technology. NetAcuity, which enables businesses to pinpoint the location and connection speed of Internet users down to a city level worldwide, will now support the addition of data modules that allow companies to more effectively target their online audiences by identifying domain names, SIC codes and more than 2,800 demographic attributes of Web site visitors.

NetAcuity was the first geo-location solution to market and is already in use by leading networks and Web sites including AOL/Time Warner, Cable & Wireless, AT&T, Siemens, PayPal, Xbox and Google. In addition to existing capabilities offered through NetAcuity 2.0 - such as country-level AOL targeting as well as remote monitoring and data updates - NetAcuity 3.0 will enhance the ability to more effectively target and tailor content as well as permit or restrict access to content based on user location by incorporating the use of domain names, SIC codes or demographic profiles of online visitors.

This latest version of NetAcuity will allow businesses to increase the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns by providing customer intelligence much like that used to conduct targeted offline campaigns. For example, companies will not only be able to determine a user's location, but they will also be able to determine if a visitor is logging on from a specific corporation as well as what industry that corporation represents. In addition, any mix of more than 2,800 demographic attributes such as income, age, employment status and size of household can be applied to target audiences with even greater depth.

"No other solution provides the accuracy, data depth or feature-richness of NetAcuity, and we look forward to the new functionality that version 3.0 brings to the online marketing and advertising industry," said Michael Polk, product technology manager, "We have looked at other geo-location technologies in side-by-side comparisons, but selected NetAcuity because of its accuracy and reliability."

The Only Geo-Intelligence Solution That Combines Internet Geography and Topology

Digital Envoy's geographical and topological map of the Internet provides enterprises with an entire suite of geo-intelligence solutions. In addition to NetAcuity, the company also offers RealPath™, an intelligent networking technology that can be used to more effectively route and manage network traffic; and NetGeography™, a geo-analytical tool that allows for real-time geographical analysis of Web site traffic.

"When Digital Envoy launched the geo-location space in 1999, we always envisioned that our technology would expand beyond a single, content-targeting application," said Sanjay Parekh, co-founder and executive vice president for Digital Envoy. "The work we've put into our geo-location solution over the past three years has allowed us to integrate our data to deliver solutions for analytics and network infrastructure applications as well. Our well-rounded suite of geo-intelligence solutions will offer a tremendous advantage for today's global businesses, which have a variety of needs beyond content targeting."

First-to-Market Advantage

Introduced in early 1999, Digital Envoy's first-to-market NetAcuity technology is the most accurate and reliable geo-location solution available today. The company's first-mover advantage in creating a geographical and topological map of the Internet has allowed it to provide solutions with more data depth and accuracy than other technologies in the current marketplace.

Digital Envoy's strategic alliances with companies including Siemens, AOL/Time Warner, AT&T and Cable & Wireless have also allowed it to improve the solutions by testing them on some of the largest networks in the world, both expanding the uses of the technology and aiding in the development new applications for global enterprises.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

As in the design of all of Digital Envoy's geo-intelligence solutions, user privacy remains a fundamental consideration. The company's technologies utilize Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to create a dynamic map of Internet connectivity, never relying on or cross referencing personally identifiable or user-supplied information, cookies, or third-party databases.

About Digital Envoy

As the leader in geographic intelligence, Digital Envoy provides solutions that identify the location and modem connection speed of Internet users down to the city level worldwide, enabling companies to tailor and target Web content, control content distribution and more effectively route network traffic.

Digital Envoy's customers include some of the largest networks and Web sites on the Internet such as AOL Time Warner, Cable and Wireless, Siemens, Google, Abbott Labs, Network Associates, VeriSign, Xbox, Speedera,, and Avenue A. Digital Envoy is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Malibu, Calif., and New York. For more information, visit