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Digital Envoy Selected by AT&T to Join the AT&T Ecosystem for ASPs Program


Atlanta - February 19, 2002 - Digital Envoy, the leading provider of geographically intelligent Internet solutions, today announced it has been selected to join the award-winning AT&T Ecosystem for ASPs program, which combines AT&T's leading-edge managed Web hosting services and network services platform with a comprehensive co-marketing and distribution program.

Digital Envoy's non-invasive, patent-pending NetAcuityTM technology can determine the geographic location and modem connection speed of Internet users down to a city level worldwide. This offers customers the ability to tailor and target Web content, control content distribution, and more effectively route network traffic. The result is that Web site visitors have an enhanced online experience as businesses can quickly serve relevant language- and currency-specific content.

"Understanding the geographic location of an online user is critical for Web-based businesses to maximize sales opportunities," said Rob Friedman, executive vice president of corporate development, Digital Envoy. "Our membership in AT&T's Ecosystem program provides us with a secure and reliable environment to deliver geo-intelligent solutions that help optimize the delivery and management of Web content, as well as the ability to leverage marketing and sales assistance provided by AT&T under the program."

The ability to geographically identify an Internet user's location also allows customers to grant or restrict access to protected or legally regulated content; to detect for fraud by comparing a user's "virtual" location to the location manually given at registration; and to improve marketing initiatives by analyzing Web traffic for customized content delivery.

Customers using Digital Envoy's technology include AOL Time Warner, Cable and Wireless, Siemens, Google, Abbott Labs, Network Associates, Speedera,, Avenue A and many of the largest Web sites and networks on the Internet.

About Digital Envoy

As the leader in geographic intelligence, Digital Envoy provides solutions that identify the location and modem connection speed of Internet users down to the city level worldwide, enabling companies to tailor Web content, control content distribution and more effectively route network traffic. Digital Envoy is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Malibu, Calif., and New York. For more information, visit

About AT&T

AT&T Corp. ( is among the world's premier voice, video and data communications companies. With annual revenues of more than $62 billion, AT&T provides services to customers worldwide. Backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T Labs, the company runs the world's largest, most sophisticated communications network. The company is a leading supplier of data and Internet services for businesses and offers outsourcing, consulting and networking-integration to large businesses.