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Digital Envoy Solidifies Leadership in Geo-Targeting Space with the Addition of Seven New Clients


Today, Digital Envoy announced it has been selected to help seven companies, including Incanta, EyeWonder, MoDE, Globalnet, Orbica, Ru4 and CinemaNow provide geo-targeted content to Internet users. At least ten more major customers are expected to close similar deals soon. With the addition of these seven new customers, Digital Envoy's patent-pending NetAcuity product continues to set the standard in the Internet geo-targeting industry -- providing user geolocation information with unsurpassed accuracy and speed. These companies join Digital Envoy's already impressive list of customers including Siemens, Digital Island, Network Associates and 24/7 Media, among others.

As the number of business and commerce applications for the Internet has increased, more and more companies have recognized the critical need to provide web users with geographically relevant, customized content. A variety of enterprises are tapping Digital Envoy to provide its geo-targeting technology to meet a range of needs including:

  1. Digital Rights Management: Ensuring its customers conduct business only where permitted under the law, and allowing its customers to follow contractual geographic restrictions while doing business on the Web.
  2. E-Commerce: Targeting special items to customers in specific geographic regions, all without user interaction.
  3. Streaming Media: Providing localized content or restrict access to broadcast or web cast programming outside a specified region.
  4. Advertising: Geo-target banner ads to consumers in a specific city.
  5. Language, Currency and Content: Direct consumers to the appropriate language site.

"We're thrilled that these seven new companies have selected Digital Envoy as their Internet geo-targeting partner," said Sanjay Parekh, Chief Envoy for Digital Envoy. "The addition of these seven new companies to our current client roster reinforces the fact that Digital Envoy offers the best technology and customer service in the business."

Digital Envoy's technology offers global coverage that enables customers to accurately and non-invasively target Internet users on a country, region and city level around the world, without using cookies.

About Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy is a global Internet infrastructure company focused on providing geo-targeting, connection speed tailoring and personalization solutions to Web content providers to allow their users more customized and relevant experiences, while maintaining user privacy. Digital Envoy is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has an office in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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