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Digital Envoy and Siemens Form Strategic Alliance For Advanced Worldwide Geo-Targeting Solutions
Pact entrenches Digital Envoy as the World Leader in Geo-Targeting on the Internet; Siemens to distribute Digital Envoy's Products in Asia/Pacific Region and Europe; Alliance to allow for Co- Development of Advanced Internet Solutions Content Targeting


Atlanta, September 18, 2000 -- Digital Envoy and Siemens have agreed to a strategic alliance to expand Digital Envoy's NetAcuity products' reach into Asia/Pacific and Europe by leveraging off of Siemens powerful distribution and consulting capabilities. The alliance also establishes opportunities for the co-development of additional Internet solutions based on Digital Envoy's patent-pending NetAcuity technology, as well as providing for the joint IP address/Geographic location data acquisition by Siemens and Digital Envoy throughout Europe and Asia which will enhance Digital Envoy's targeting capability in those regions creating a product with unsurpassed worldwide accuracy.

The partnership further establishes Digital Envoy's NetAcuity technology as the world leader in Internet geo-targeting solutions. "Siemens has perhaps the most recognizable name in Europe and Asia, and is synonymous with innovative, robust telecommunications and Internet solutions," says Sanjay Parekh, Chief Envoy of Digital Envoy. "Additionally, our alliance with Siemens creates future product development opportunities for Digital Envoy's NetAcuity technology."

"Digital Envoy is the recognized world leader in Internet geo-targeting solutions," said Paul Lazarou, Executive Director, ICN, Siemens Ltd. "We see a very significant need among Web publishers, streaming media providers and integrators for Digital Envoy's products in the Asia/Pacific region as well as throughout Europe; we also believe that Siemens can build on Digital Envoy's NetAcuity technology to create other powerful, world-class products for the information and communication market."

The strategic alliance will also allow Digital Envoy's current customers and partners the ability to have increased geo-targeting capabilities in Europe and Asia/Pacific. "We're very excited about Digital Envoy's alliance with Siemens and believe that it will allow Digital Envoy to further refine its industry-leading geo-targeting products with superior world-wide localization, thus increasing the benefits of Digital Island's recent alliance with Digital Envoy," according to Tim Wilson, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Island [NASDAQ:ISLD]. "Through our own recently-announced partnership with Digital Envoy, the new alliance between Siemens and Digital Envoy will allow us to provide our global network customers with enhanced city and regional targeting ability."

Digital Envoy is a global Internet infrastructure company focused on providing geo-targeting, connection speed tailoring and personalization solutions to Web content providers to allow their users more customized and relevant experiences, while maintaining user privacy. Digital Envoy is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has an office in San Francisco, California.

Siemens Ltd's Information and Communications Group is a leading provider of integrated voice and data networks in Australia and New Zealand with a comprehensive portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for enterprises, carriers and service providers. The Group has many years of experience in consulting, planning, installing and operating converged networks. It is an integral part of the Information and Communications (I and C) business segment of Siemens AG, one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies with sales totaling more than EUR 70 billion. I and C comprises the three Groups Information and Communication Networks (51,500 employees, EUR 9.9 billion in sales), Information and Communication Mobile (20,000 employees, EUR 5 billion in sales), and Siemens Business Services (34,000 employees, EUR 5 billion in sales).

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