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Digital Envoy Alliance With Melbourne IT Gives Global Boost To Innovative Internet Marketing and eCommerce Technology; Hoping to Avoid 'Cookies' Controversy, Australian Firm Embraces NetAcuity As the Emerging Standard for Non-Invasive Web Tracking and Customer Service Activities


DULUTH, Ga., April 9 -- Melbourne IT Ltd. (MLB.AX), a leading Internet services company in Australia and the United States, endorsed new technology from Georgia-based Digital Envoy, Inc., as the emerging standard for non-invasive dynamic web site customization and analysis of Internet use by consumers and businesses.

The announcement of the strategic alliance between one of the world's leading suppliers of Internet domain names and the rapidly-growing Digital Envoy takes on larger significance against the backdrop of the recent controversy and negative publicity surrounding Internet marketers' use of "cookies"-based technology and detailed personal questionnaires to target advertising messages to Web surfers.

"Cookies" create tiny files on a user's computer that occasionally gather and supply information about a user's Web-surfing habits to Internet advertisers and often confidential information a user supplies to gain access to a Web site is packaged and sold to others. Digital Envoy's NetAcuityTM line of solutions, which does not rely on "cookies" or questionnaires, enables Web site owners to gather more reliable information about consumers' Web interest in specific geographic locales without invading the privacy of individuals.

In addition to entering into the strategic alliance with Digital Envoy, Melbourne IT also took a stake in the company, which recently closed a $1.2 million round of financing for product development and marketing.

"Digital Envoy appears to have solved a major part of the puzzle in how to provide Internet advertising companies with enough information for them to create and manage highly focused, highly targeted campaigns and e-commerce Web sites to instantly reflect the preferences of their users without encroaching on the rights of privacy for individuals," said Clive Flory, the General Manager of Internet Names World Wide (wholly-owned by Melbourne IT). "We believe the NetAcuity technology will emerge as the standard for non-invasive Internet marketing and will provide our channel partners with excellent tools for developing creative, cost-effective solutions for their customers."

The Digital Envoy technology also enables organizations to tailor Web-based advertising and marketing activities on the fly for targeted groups of consumers and conduct detailed geographic traffic analysis to determine accurately the overall geographic make-up of the target audience.

"The endorsement of this technology by a company such as Melbourne IT proves that we are on the right track with our overall business strategy and product development," said Sanjay Parekh, president and founder of Digital Envoy. "Our products will protect the interests of both our customers and consumers. People can now surf the Net with confidence that their private information will remain private."

"Partnering with a prominent Internet company such as Melbourne IT will give Digital Envoy access to major Internet companies worldwide and state-of-the-art delivery systems," said Parekh. "Melbourne IT is an ideal partner for us, and we feel that this relationship will allow us to develop additional solutions to benefit both the industry and the consumer."

Australia-based Melbourne IT Ltd. ( supplies key software products and services, such as domain names and eCommerce solutions, required by companies entering the digital economy. Established in 1996 as a new subsidiary of the University of Melbourne, Melbourne IT core business (Internet Names WorldWide or INWW) supplies domain names or "Internet addresses" to the world wide market. Internet Names WorldWide supplies country code domains, such as, primarily to Australian companies and gTLD domains (.com, .net, .org) to Australian and International customers. Prominent US customers include such Internet companies as Verio and Intuit. Melbourne IT has its US headquarters in Vienna, Virginia.

As part of the strategic alliance, Digital Envoy will gain access to Melbourne IT channel partners and customers. Melbourne IT also will provide customer and sales support for Digital Envoy products and will host the company's servers and data centers.

About Digital Envoy

Founded in 1999, Digital Envoy has headquarters at 4500 River Green Parkway in Duluth, Ga., located approximately 25 miles northeast of Atlanta. The company also has a satellite operation in Monterey, Calif.

For more information about Digital Envoy or its NetAcuity product line, call 678-474-9766 or visit the company's site at on the World Wide Web.