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December 22, 2004
UPI (United Press International)
The Web: Expect more swindles in 2005

November, 2004
ABA Bank Marketing
Product File

September, 2004
Credit Union Magazine
Gone Phishing

August, 2004
ABA Banking Journal
Phishing Phace-Off

August, 2004
ABA Banking Journal
Products That May Help With Debit Card Fraud

Fall, 2004
Best of the Web: Advertising

August 19, 2004
CBS Marketwatch
Thwarting the new ID thieves: Demand for fraud-protection software likely to rise

August 08, 2004
Local Tech Wire
Digital Envoy's Sanjay Parekh Brings Intelligence to Web

July 12, 2004
CBS News
World Wide Web Narrowing?

June 29, 2004
Digital Envoy’s New IP Inspector Fraud Analyst Product Helps Prevent Online Identity Fraud

June 28, 2004
Credit Union Tech-Talk
Digital Envoy Releases Online ID System

June 21, 2004
Digital Envoy Releases Online ID System for Financial Firms

June, 2004
U.S. Banker
Security: Goin' Phishing

May, 2004
Retail Banker International
Phishing Tackle: The Growing Need for E-mail Security

May 24, 2004
Atlanta Business Chronicle
Calpin named CEO of Digital Envoy

April 13, 2004
Poindexter Partners with Digital Envoy

April 13, 2004
Media Daily News
Poindexter Systems Uses Digital Envoy IP Data to Refine Geotargeting Capabilities

April 02, 2004
CBS News
Web 'Phishing' Scams Targeted

April 02, 2004
Bank Technology News
Goin' Phishing

March 25, 2004
Enterprise IT Planet
Product Goes After Phishing Scams

March 23, 2004
iMedia Connection
DoubleClick Takes SmartPath, Envoy

March 23, 2004
DoubleClick and Digital Envoy Partner for Geo-Targeting Offerings

March 22, 2004
DoubleClick Licenses Geo-Targeting Tech

March 22, 2004
Internet Retailer
Interest in Targeting Alternatives Rising as Online CPM Costs Rise

March 17, 2004
Digital Envoy Launches Anti-Fraud Line

March 1, 2004
Target Marketing
Where in the World Wide Web?

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