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December 24, 2003
Local Advertising on the Net

November 13, 2003
iMedia Connection
CNet Goes Geo

November 13, 2003
CNET Adds Technology to Better Measure Online Campaigns

November 12, 2003
CPU Review
CNET Networks Add Digital Envoy Geo-Targeting Component

September 19, 2003
DM Direct
The Power of Where in Web Analytics

September 8, 2003
CinemaNow System Delivers DRM

July 2, 2003
New Anti Piracy Checks

July 1, 2003
EContent Magazine
Delivering under pressure: business belt-tightening accelerates consolidation and adaptation in the content delivery marketplace

July 2003
Computer User News
Digital Envoy Profile

June 26, 2003
Wall Street Journal
Location, Location

June 20, 2003
The Beacon Journal
Brass is irate over pirates

April 28, 2003
destination CRM
Improving Online Customer Relationships

April 7, 2003
GeoTargeting: Why It Matters to Marketers

March 2003
The Economist
The Revenge of Geography

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