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October 11, 2000
Canal Zap! News
De la pub vidéo ciblée et sans lecteur !

October 10, 2000
EyeWonder, Digital To Target Streaming Ads

August 14, 2000
Urban Targets

August 7, 2000
Network World Fusion
Vendors boost performance, customization of Web, e-comm sites

May 8, 2000
Atlanta Business Chronicle
Internet firm lets marketers dump "cookies"

April 18, 2000
Christian Science Monitor
Here's one "Cookie" Many Consumers Don't Want

April 7, 2000
Spring Internet World 2000
INWW Signs New Deals, Opens U.S. Operations

March 8, 2000
Internet VC Watch
Digital Envoy Raises $1.2 Million

March 7, 2000
Digital Envoy closes $1.2M private round

February 29, 2000
Red Herring
Digital Envoy greets $1.1million

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